Knife Warranties


Custom Kramer Knife Warranty

If you have a warranty issue, please contact us as soon as possible.

Kramer Knives inc. warrants the materials and craftsmanship of the knife to the original owner for so long as I’m personally making or overseeing the making of custom knives.

Our warranty covers materials and craftsmanship under normal use and does not apply to misuse, intentional damages or any uses other than what is customary and reasonable for our knives. Our warranty is not transferable and cannot be assigned or given to anyone else. Our warranty is made only to the original owner. We may grant specific exceptions upon request and at our sole discretion, such as for example only, if the new owner is a family member of the original owner. Our warranty is limited to the original purchase price paid by the original owner and only for actual direct damages (not for indirect, consequential or other damages). Our warranty does not apply to speculators or to any higher resale prices of our knives. No other warranties of any kind, including implied warranties, are provided for our knives.

Bob Kramer offers a reconditioning services exclusively for owners of Custom Kramer Knives. Bob charges $375 per hour for reconditioning and a knife normally takes 4-8 hours to complete depending on blade corrosion.

Whom do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

If you have any questions about the Custom Knives Warranty or reconditioning, please contact us at:
Kramer Knives, Inc.

Kramer Licensed Designs Warranty

Made by Zwilling JA. Henckels or Shun

Bob’s licensed designs have lifetime warranties.
Please contact the manufacturer for any questions concerning warranty.

You should be able to easily identify the manufacturer by looking at the blade. It will say either “Zwilling” or “Shun” by the Kramer Knives logo. Please see below for their contact information. They will be able to help with any warranty questions.

Kramer by Zwilling J.A. Henckels Warranty

The Bob Kramer by Zwilling knives have a lifetime warranty. Please contact Zwilling for any questions concerning warranty. Click here to go to the warranty page on Zwilling’s website.

Attn: Consumer Relations
270 Marble Ave
Pleasantville, NY 10570
Phone: (800) 777-4308 – Option 4

Kramer by Shun Warranty

The Bob Kramer Shun knives have a lifetime warranty. Please contact Shun for any questions concerning warranty. Click here to view the warranty page on Shun’s website.

Kai USA Ltd., Shun Cutlery
18600 SW Teton Avenue
Tualatin, OR 97062
Phone: (800) 325-2891

Knife Repair & Sharpening

Custom Kramer Knives

Repair & Sharpening Services

Bob Kramer offers sharpening & reconditioning services exclusively for owners of Custom Kramer Knives.
Contact us
for shipping instructions.

Kramer Licensed Designs

Made by Zwilling JA. Henckels or Shun

Repair & Sharpening Services

If you have Kramer Knives that you purchased through a retailer like Sur La Table, these are Bob’s licensed designs produced in Japan. You can first contact the manufacturer and they will be able to answer questions about the repair or sharpening services they provide under warranty.

Beyond that …

There are two professionals that we highly recommend, as they were trained directly by Bob Kramer and continue to have excellent results:

West Coast:
Seattle Knife Sharpening
Call Bob Tate (206) 557-4536

Zen Blades Mobile Knife Sharpening
Call Woody Bailey (503) 816-3913

East Coast:
Call 1-800-626-2172

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