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Ready-Made Kramer KnivesCustom Kramer Knives

Occasionally we have new straight steel and simple pattern Damascus custom Kramer Knives for sale. These are handmade by Bob with a certificate of authenticity and warranty. 

Step 1: Get Registered

To participate, you must register to become a member. You only have to register once.  
If you already registered for our auctions, you're good to go. 

Step 2: Verify Account

Make sure you verify your account to activate it. Learn how.

Step 3: Watch for our Emails

We'll let our email list know of the date, time and duration of each ready-made sale. 


How it Works

- We'll send you an email with the sale open/close time.
- Follow the link provided and select each knife that you are interested in purchasing. 
- Enter your username and password.
- Agree to our terms & click the 'submit' button. 
- Our software randomly selects one "winner" for each knife for sale. 



Can I order the same knife I see that was sold in a ready-made sale?
Yes, these knives are available by custom order. 

How long is a knife up for sale?
Typically we host a ready-made sale for 24-48 hours. 

What happens if my name is selected, and I don't want to purchase the knife? 
By submitting your name, you agree that you will purchase the knife should your name be selected as the winner. If you decline, you agree to pay a $100 cancellation fee and understand this will result in removal from our list.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Yes, and it's free. Just send us an email and we'll take care of it.

Read our Help & FAQ's page for more information.


We first started offering custom ready-made knives for sale in November 2011. Our goal was to streamline production in order to get knives into the hands of those that will use them. While the turnout was positive, we found that a number of the "winners" chose not to purchase the knives. This is an inconvenience for the other people that were participating in the sale, and a waste of our time. Therefore, in our efforts to continuously improve all aspects of business, we decided to combine the ready-made sales with our private auction registration. So, now when you register with us, you become eligible to participate in our private auctions and ready-made sales. This is to ensure that participation in our auctions and ready-made sales is as transparent and fair as possible for all parties involved. Thank you.