Carbon 2.0 Kramer by Zwilling 10″ Bread Knife

Carbon 2.0 Kramer by Zwilling 10″ Bread Knife


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The 10-inch bread knife will cut cleanly through bread, tomatoes, or anything else that’s tough on the outside, soft on the inside, all while minimizing tearing and crumbs. Effortlessly slice through a crusty loaf of sourdough and make neat cubes of ciabatta with this long, serrated blade.

Kramer Carbon 2.0 is Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer’s latest evolution in knife design. With a redesigned blade shape from bolster to tip, the Kramer Carbon 2.0 collection offers improved weight distribution and balance for more efficient cutting. Each knife features a new hand-shaped Micarta handle that is robust and sturdy and exceptionally hygienic. The handle design features stunning brass rivets and a Bob Kramer mosaic pin.

A material nearly lost to the home kitchen, straight carbon steel requires knowledge and care to maintain. In return, owners will be rewarded with a sharpness and keenness of edge that only straight carbon can deliver. Hand-finished with a 3-step process by the most skilled Japanese artisans, these knives boast impressive sharpness.

    • Manufactured in Seki, Japan
    • Straight carbon steel 52100
    • Designed to Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer’s exacting specifications
    • Special hardening process
    • Traditional 3-step hand sharpening for exceptionally high sharpness
    • Double-tapered blade and tang
    • Elegant micarta handle with brass rivets and Bob Kramer mosaic pin
    • 61 Rockwell Hardness = exceptional edge retention
    • Not dishwasher safe – handwashing recommended

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