“I am partial to the knife that is part of the collection,” said Laurie Woolever, Bourdain’s assistant and co-author for more than a decade. “It’s a custom knife made by Bob Kramer, a master bladesmith in Washington state. The blade was forged from meteorite and carbon steel. There are 800 layers of hand-hammered steel that are folded over each other to create a blade that is extremely sharp and durable — and that is a dream to cut with. I had a chance to use it a few years ago at Tony’s house. I just picked it up and sliced a peach. It was the closest thing to a religious experience that I’ve had in quite a while.”

Bob…we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to come out and chat to the staff. To say that your little talk was inspiring is an understatement – your story really struck a chord with the crew here. The passion and commitment to craft that is so evident in your work is something that we aspire to on a daily basis here at Blue Hill. You are the embodiment of so much that we strive for in our little corner of the universe. We look forward to future times spent together! Best, Adam

I attended Mr. Kramer’s course at Sur la Table in New York last Sunday. A fantastic class. I learned more there about any subject in two hours than in any class in my life including law school. A great time. Thanks to Bob. – VT

Hi Bob, The knife arrived today and it is beautiful. An absolute work of art. It will be cherished, but also used. I view it as a tool and intend to use it as such- It’s just a really special tool. I also wanted to thank your whole team whom I’ve dealt w/ over the years on the waiting list. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one asking when my turn might come up. Thanks very much – CP
PS- sure you can’t put me back on the list for another go round?

Simply put, they are some of the most beautiful objects I have ever held. And they are stunning to use. (Yes, they will be used and used a great deal!). From the moment the crate arrived I was like a kid at Christmas. Packaging is wonderland. As are the knife sheaths you made me. Not to mention the knives themselves-balance, blade and handle incredible. Just wonderful. I am happy as a clam. Think I first reached out to you in the late 90s when I was in my 20s and was working as a chef. It was worth the wait!!! – JWS

The knives rock. I’ve never had anything this sharp and precise. I particulary enjoy the 6″ utility knife. I learned on a 6″ when I worked at Phils Fish and Poultry in LA years ago. The precise edges on the food I cut are really interesting. It changes the flavor of some things. Makes it brighter and more concentrated … It’s well worth the six year wait for your knives. I appreciate your keeping me on the list for so long and then delivering. – CH

Your presentation at Alpharetta, GA was great! We all enjoyed it and now I have a little more confidence in my ability to sharpen my knives. The class was made more enjoyable by our visit to your workshop (thinking it was a showroom) two years ago as we traveled through Olympia. Thanks again … (proud owners of a new set of Kramer Knives) – G & MEB

Sweet knife! I wanted to use it for a few days before drowning you with praise. But seriously, this knife is perfect. It makes me smile every time I look at it. The size, shape, and weight have been great for almost any task in the kitchen, and it is nice to hold. I often catch myself saying to it, “I love you baby, don’t ever leave me.” Thank you very much. I truly appreciate and am inspired by the quality of your work. – See you soon – B

I have been using my new (ready-made) chefs knife for about 2 weeks, unbelievable is all I can say! Thank you for providing me with such a well balanced, beautifully honed knife, I feel like Julia Child every time I pull it out of its beautiful case…I am extremely honored to beable to hold such an incredible knife in my humble hands. AND my husband says everything is tasting better! – MMW

The custom cutting boards are works of art, I am tossing all of my Boos ones and I have 6 cutting boards in various shapes/sizes and two Shun in Hinoki, let Bob know yours kicks all their A$’s. And you can pretty much bet I will win another one of your auctions  – CD

I received the knife, and I am very impressed with it. I have been using it at work, and it is the sharpest and best looking knife I’ve ever seen. Thank you very much! – CH

Whewwww whoooo!, Got my knife! Cool! It’s awesome looking and feeling! I love it! The fit and finish on the beautiful burl wood handle is flawless, the spine is polished smooth, and the 52100 steel is buffed and honed to a razor like edge.  The Saya cover is fitted perfectly and it comes in a nice black padded case.  My original Kramer is a true work of art.  Thank you, Bob. – EH

I LOVE MY GENUINE KRAMER KNIFE!!!! thank you, thank you so very much. – JL

Just a note to let you know we received our knife. It is a thing of beauty, and a joy to use. We truly appreciate the care and craftsmanship thatwent into making it. The lovely (and useful) wooden sheath was a surprise–and also very much appreciated. Many, many thanks to you and to Bob. – BJ

I just opened up the package and looked at the knives. They are beautiful. Bob exceeded our expectations! Thank you again for accommodating us in his busy schedule. – AM

I got the knives late last week and had a chance to use them this weekend. They are great to work with, and I’m very happy with them. I really like the pattern, and they are both sharp and flexible. Thanks for everything. – Regards, – CA

Got them both yesterday and they look gorgeous. I was chopping stuff up last night well beyond what I needed to cook just for the fun of it. Haven’t taken it to water bottles and steel rods yet…. Thanks so much to you and Bob, simply amazing. – GE

It is stunning. Everything I hoped for, and pretty damn good at taking down an 80 pound halibut. I will admit, however, that I wussed out and used a different knife to cut through the collar. I blogged about it at http://masterofwinejourney.blogspot.com/2011/08/custom-made-knife.html. Thank you for everything. – NS

The new Damascus pattern looks AMAZING! Congratulations! It’s my favorite of all the one’s I’ve seen. Wow. My pair of 10″ chefs are doing very well and are without a doubt the most pleasing to use of all the knives in my kitchen. I tend to use them for almost everything – even jobs where a smaller blade might be more appropriate. I’m most familiar/comfortable with their balance and feel these days, so I always just reach for them. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into the design, and they’ve proven to be quite versatile in my kitchen. My other custom knives are neglected by comparison. They are a pleasure to sharpen as well, though I prefer cooking to sharpening. I hope you’re doing well, and congratulations again on the new Damascus pattern. – J

After regularly using this knife for several months, a few thoughts have come to mind. First, I am embarrassed to think that after 60+ years of collecting, using, slicing/dicing, etc., I thought I knew something about knives. I was wrong. The balance did take a bit of getting used to as well as the height of the heel. Once used to those differences to the knives I have been using, the knife has certainly made my knife work safer. Precision cuts, such as chiffonade cuts, are now effortless. The control I now have is amazingly better. It’s funny to think I received the knife after giving it to friends who were a bit afraid of it. Thank you so much. I hope to be able to stop by the next time I’m able to return to the U.S. – PO

It’s been over 2 months since I started using my knife and I have to say that it has changed the way I cook. I use her (the knife) 8 hours or more every night I work. The edge geometry and retention make every cutting task a pleasure. Many chefs have told me how taking pride in the little things is how great food happens, and with a knife like this, I really can focus on the ‘little things,’ like cutting uniform chives or slicing a steak to present on a plate. The bonus, of course, is how great it looks. She’s my workhorse, so the blade oxidizes occasionally when it gets crazy in the kitchen, but seeing the blade change over time is part of the fun. I’ll never be able to say enough good things about the knife, it really has changed the qaulity of the food I put out. So, thank you. – All the best, – D.

Thanks again for both the knife and taking the time to share a bit about what you do, how you got into it, and in general your experience. I put the knife to use Friday night, and all this weekend. The only word that comes to mind is fantastic. I plan to use the crap out of this knife, and not let it sit in a drawer on “on display”. I hope you’re able to get to the place you want to be and focus on artsy projects more, you definitely make some formidable sharp edged art. – Thanks, – R

I finally had a chance to use your knife over the weekend, and it was really great. It’s by far the sharpest tool that I’ve ever used, and it reminds me more of a straight razor than a chef knife. Cutting tomatoes is amazingly easy, and chopping and dicing is very fun for a change. I love the pattern of the steel, and I can actually make out the image of a face when I look at it closely. It really is a piece of art. Thanks for everything. – CM.

The knife that was made for me is an absolute delight. I now, neglect all the others in my arsenal. I can’t wait to chop and slice. It was, indeed, love at first slice. It was so worth the wait. The Damascus blade is also beautiful to behold. – Thank you, – BN

Thank you so much for making our amazing knives! I hesitated to write, knowing that I can’t say anything you probably don’t already hear from your elated customers daily. But after getting our knives, I just had to express my amazement. First, I had them shipped to my work address so that I wouldn’t be tortured trying to find a time to have UPS deliver them at home and possibly miss delivery. I went and got them from the loading dock, and my wife and I hurriedly took them to my office to open and admire them in the middle of the day. We sent a quick picture to all our friends, including another person waiting for knives from you. I expected beautiful knives, but none of the pictures I had seen of your knives previously prepared me adequately. No photograph can possibly do them justice! I’ve spent the last two days holding and studying them whenever I’m not chopping anything I can find. I lack adequate words, so I’ll just say the artistry and craftmanship is simply magnificent, and hypnotizing. And the feel and balance is incredible. The 10″ chef especially–I keep thinking, “How did he know my hand?” Thank you so much–it is a privilege to hold and use such perfectly made and beautiful tools. Congratulations on your well-deserved and (no doubt) hard-won success and fame. – Sincerely, – DD

The blade is stunning – I have never seen a Damascus pattern so detailed, well executed, and ethereal looking; it took my breath away. It is order in chaos and looks 3-D. I love it. I couldn’t stop showing it to my wife and talking to her about it, extolling how special and beautiful it is. Words really can’t express how appreciative I am. The mokume bestows a great sense of harmony and sophistication, the pattern is the perfect segue between the wood handle and blade. The geometry is perfect, it’s thin but not too much so, it’s nimble and feels great to hold. The balance is spot on. I cut up 6 cucumbers (now I need someone to eat them with me). I sliced and skinned and shredded and even tried to jabara cut one (that didn’t turn out so well with a 6″ cucumber but still fun). I cut a potato and it was a pleasure, thin slices, no wedging. No sticking issues either. Most importantly, it makes me want to cook. This knife is sublime – Thank you, thank you and thank you! Have a great weekend. PS: Thank you for the beautiful Saya and pin. – S

This is the first chance I’ve had to drop a line and thank you for the outstanding craftsmanship and balance of my new 8” carbon steel chef’s knife. I have had your 6”chef’s and a paring knife for about 10 years and had always wished I had gotten the 8” at the same time as it’s the knife I use the most in the kitchen. I love the 6” knife for close, fine work but the draw was too short for many kitchen jobs, leaving me no choice but to use a larger, German high-carbon stainless steel knife for many jobs. NOT the same. My husband surprised me with the 8” for my birthday and I’ve been hashing my nylon cutting boards with it ever since; it is exquisite…AND exquisitely sharp! I do wish carbon steel didn’t oxidize so quickly but I am not willing to forego the ease of keeping a keen edge for blade shine. I teach knife skills classes often and bring my knives to show, use and allow others to experience their beauty & balance. Thanks to you and your staff for crafting this gorgeous extension of my right hand. My daughter has already asked that I put a codicil in my will leaving it to her, so it’s multi-generational survival has already been guaranteed. Be proud, you create beautiful, practical art. Thanks again. – AL

We received our knives yesterday and could not be happier. Not only are they beautiful, but they are sharper than I could have ever imagined. There is no food left in our house that remains in its natural state, at it has all been sliced and diced. Thanks again for everything. – RK

I just received the knife this morning. It is beautiful. It has been a delight to use thus far, and I look forward to using it the rest of my career. Thanks for your craftsmanship, it is truly remarkable! – CCK

I have now had my new knife for almost two months, and I must tell you that you Sir, are a home-wrecker….or at least a kitchen wrecker and all my old knives now hate you. Ever since this new knife waltzed into my life, she has destroyed the previous harmony of our kitchen. Now all the old knives do is snivel and whine: “You like her better; you never take us out anymore; you haven’t honed us for weeks; all you use us for is to chop liver….” Okay, maybe I do gaze at the new knife with fawning adoration….hardly able to walk by her without taking her out of her (and her’s alone!) special holder; admiring her graceful curves, the way she sparkles in the sunlight, (carefully) caressing her razor sharp edge….. Yes, Henckels, Shun, LamsonSharp, Sabatier, Mac….they were all good in their day and in their own way, but they seem dull and tawdry in comparison to my new kitchen companion. The old knives complain that I have kicked them to the back of the block for a “trophy knife”. But no, this is no flash-in-the-pan blade affair. This is a “knife-long” relationship. My only regret Bob, is that I wish you had introduced us when she was still a cheap date….sigh. Seriously, now that I have had a chance to learn this knife, I am simply amazed. I know I wrote in before, but now that I have used this knife daily for two months, I can even more appreciate its astounding qualities. Whatever you do with these knives, they are simply magical. Thanks so much for creating this truly functional work of art. And Chris, thanks again for all your kind and efficient help. A job well-done! – PS

The knife is perfect, the wood handle beautiful. My wife is so happy, and is mincing with confidence. Thank you very much, for the knife, the great customer service, everything. – Sincerely, – J

I received my long-awaited knife on Monday and I must tell you how disappointed I am…..disappointed that I did not order more than one! I have now prepped three dinners with this knife and it truly does live up to its reputation. Perfect balance, heft, scary sharp and beautiful to look at. It is a work of art. I have other knives in my block that I previously considered pretty good, (Shun, Henckels, Mac, Lamsonsharp), but this knife leaves them in the dust. Thank you!!! – P

Probably the only thing I ever looked forward to for three years as much as my new knife must have been my drivers license (which I received on my 16th birthday, way back in 1970). My expectations were of course high, especially after purchasing and using two of the Kramer knives in Sur la Table´s Shun series. But not even in my wildest dreams … Upon seeing the new 10″ chef´s knife, I was almost afraid to use it. But I quickly dropped the framed-glass-box-with-built-in-alarm-system idea, and now I am using the knife every time I cook. The knife is beautiful, and amazing to work with. I just want to thank Bob for an astounding “job well done”, and of course Chris for all the leg work (including giving clear answers to an arsenal of questions). Two small problems: 1) It´s difficult sleeping at night knowing the knife is over 50 feet away. I am considering putting my knife bag under the bed, but my wife is uneasy about the whole idea. 2) I just wonder how the utility knife, the boning knife and of course the bread knife would feel if I ever got my hands on them … All the best, – C

First off, my 6″ Bob Kramer Chef’s Knife FINALLY found its way to me in Paris yesterday, and…well, I am sure there are words (words like ‘astonishing’ and ‘magnificent’…yeah, words like that), however at the moment I am having trouble finding them. Please convey my gratitude, respect, and utter delight to Bob, and my thanks to you as well for making the entire process so smooth. – K

It’s been a year since I got my knife and it truly has changed the way I approach cooking. Is it possible for a knife to give you confidence? I think so. A knife is a tool of a professional chef and in this past year I’ve really felt myself embracing a sense of professionalism I feel I was lacking before. Several times I’ve walked into a new kitchen and had someone say “Is that a Kramer?” It always attracts an admiring crowd. It seems silly to say, but if a chef’s knife is the mark of serious professional then my Kramer makes me feel like a Samurai warrior coming in to do battle…with food! So thanks again to Bob for giving me my “sword” and the confidence to do good things with it. – JL

After waiting 2.5 years, I just received my 8″ chef’s knife with redwood handle. It is absolutely beautiful in everyway. More than anything, it has a perfect feel in the hand. Holding the knife for the first time was like shaking the hand of someone who would become a lifelong friend. I went right for a refrigerated onion and made paper thin slices with remarkable ease. It was as if not a single cell was deformed, but rather each was sliced perfectly in two. I will definitely be retiring my mandolin! It is comforting to think that I will have this blade forever. I really appreciate the craftsmanship. In general, it’s great to see someone doing something they love with a high level of skill and pride. This is evident in your work. If everyone could simply find the one they do better than anything else, and do that thing the best they can, the world would be a much different one. I congratulate you on finding your place and doing the thing you were certainly meant to do. I like your philosophy that the energy put into the blade translates to those who use it. Know that I will use your knife with love and generosity to nourish those I care for. By the way, the 2.5 year wait was not at all a problem. I understand that anything good cannot be rushed. – Best, – NS

We have already received the knife! Thank you for all your assistance. It is absolutely beautiful…worth the wait. Please pass on our thanks to Bob for doing a beautiful job. John, whom the knife is for, hasn’t used it yet – he’s in awe and showing it to all his friends…it’s quite a thing for a chef to brag about I think that we’ll have to have a special dinner to make it’s first cut. – Thanks again, – E

I want to thank you for making me such a great knife last June and for signing the handle at your Sur La Table knife skills class in Newport Beach in November. It was great to meet you. I don’t know how you can make such a perfect knife. I expected a very very good knife with some allowances for handwork. I didn’t expect for the knife to be flawless. I had high expectations but those were exceeded by a mile. I don’t know if I have more fun using the knife or showing it off to people that come by the house. I just wish I had ordered more from you when I placed my order 3 years ago. That said, I really only need 3 knives when they are as sharp as they are. In a pinch I could get rid of them all except for my custom 9 inch and be a very happy guy. Thank you so much and I wish the best for you. – MC

First: Thank You. I just used the knife on a pepper and I am very impressed and obviously extremely pleased. The feel and performance are amazing. The look of the handle personifies the Earth in my opinion, and the Damascus pattern is stunning. I couldn’t be more pleased. I am on your waiting list and cannot wait to come up with some knives with you down the road. Thank you, again. Have a great night. – Best, – S

The paring knife arrived last week and I just want to say that I love all my Kramer knives. They make the preparation of each meal a little more special. I know they are an extravagance, but as useful a one as I can imagine. Someday I hope to get another, so I can leave one to each of my children. – Thanks again, – J

JUST GOT MY KNIFE! Thank you guys so much for this amazing tool! I can’t say enough about how great your work/art is! I want to tell all my friends, and customers but how will I ever be able to get back to the top of your waiting list! (Boning knife next). – Thanks again, – D

I think i should have emailed earlier… the knives are beyond amazing. excellent balance, excellent sharpness, tremendous power. and as for appearance, the knives i received are absolutely in first place. and for that matter, i don’t think i have ever seen a knife worthy of second place behind kramer knives. you are way out in front of the pack. best point of course is performance in the kitchen. i find them effortless in use. wow!!! far beyond my expectation and way beyond well worth the wait. thank you so much. i consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to receive these two knives from you. Very best wishes to everyone at kramer knives. – thank you – lF

I received the 7″, 8″, 9″ & 10″ knives on Monday. Wow, are they beautiful. I’ve spent some time using them, too – and what a delight.

I noticed that in the wood selections you chose for each blade, you chose a wood grain or characteristic that was inherent in the makeup of the particualr damascus formation: The more ornate & frenzied the layers of steel, the more ornate & frenzied the handle. Also, I’ve noticed that there is a certain heft to your knives, but not at the expense of agility & nimbleness. The balance is just amazing. I even appreciate the unique sound or timbre that your knives produce – very different from the sounds that my pedestrian knives are capable of. – Thank you, – MR

A belated thank you to you and Bob that is long overdue! I did receive the three knives a few months ago and have been using them with great pleasure ever since, as have all my kids who are amazed every time they use them. My only regret is that I didn’t order a paring knife – – so whenever Bob gets back to taking orders again, I would like to put my request in for a paring knife! – Thanks a lot. – DP

I don’t know if you remember me. My name is Jeff and I purchased a 10″ chefs knife from you back in 2004 when you were located in Ferndale. I was working at Fino Wine Bar at the time. I came in to get my cooks knives sharpened and was so impressed with your work I ordered one of your knives. 6 months later I recived my knife and have been working with it everyday since. Now I am working at Bastille Cafe in Seattle with some of the best cooks in the city and everyone is jealous of my knife. And they own some nice knives. I can’t believe the ability the knife has to keep its edge. I have only had it sharped once since I bought it (sent it in to you of course) and it is still sharper than any knife I have ever used. I do have to steel it a bit more often than other knives, a small price to pay for the scary sharp edge it keeps. I wanted to wait to send an e-mail to thank you until I was sure the knife had an amazing life span. I have owned a lot of knifes I was happy with for a year or so until either the edge just wasn’t what it was when I bought it or until the new best thing came on the market. Well now it has been 5 years and I couldn’t be happier with it. So thanks again Bob, and if you make your way to Seattle anytime soon come in to Bastille Cafe and I will show you my appreciation in person, and you will be treated as a VIP of course. – Thank you. – Jeff

I love my knife so much that I’m regretting not getting one with a Damascus blade. At the time the extra money seemed significant but with the knife in hand the performance plus the additional beauty of the Damascus presents a compelling story. I know that Bob is backed up with orders but as soon as you start a new ‘list’ for future orders I’d appreciate it if you could add me to the list. Currently your biggest fan in the NYC area.

I received one of your chef knives as a gift a month or so ago. I am not a professional cook, but a serious amateur. The knife is the most extraordinary instrument I have ever touched. It immediately offered the “feel” of an old friend. The quality and degree of craftsmanship is boggling. It is the most exquisite implement in my kitchen and first thing I would rescue from a burning building. I cherish it. – L

I wanted to let you know I received my three knives earlier this week and the are truly great. The cutting performance, the balance, shape and finish are very special. In fact, if you can put me in the line again for several additional knives, I would be very happy. – JL, MD

Bob: Just wanted to let you know that your knives arrived safely and to say thank you. They’re truly incredible, both as tools and as art. Your choice of woods, balancing the dark and light with the gleam of the blades, is not only beautiful, but is a perfect corollary for the interplay between the shell, slate and wood of a go set, just as we discussed. I wanted to give my new knives a workout so I took them to Miriam’s Kitchen this morning. Miriam’s – where I volunteer a couple times a month — serves breakfast to the homeless every weekday just a few blocks from the White House (First Lady Michelle Obama dropped by recently to help out and draw attention to Miriam’s focus on healthy, cooked-from-scratch food; see reports below). I am very happy to report that the knives helped me make short work of very large piles of onions and peppers for our special homefries. They feel as though you crafted them just for my hand; they’re substantial, yet incredibly light and perfectly balanced. They also impressed Steve Badt, the former high-end restaurant chef who runs Miriam’s with an iron hand and who doesn’t impress easily. For years now I’ve been Steve’s Omelet Man; thanks to your knives I may be now be promoted to Chopping Man. I’m okay with that. So you can add a DC soup kitchen to the places where Kramer knives are preparing good food. I look forward to many years of using your knives to cook for family and friends around the world, and will think of you (and my good friend and fellow cook Phil, who gave me the knives) every single time I use them. Perhaps someday we’ll even have a chance to cook together. – Thanks again!

After several years wait, I recently received my 8″ Damascus Chef’s knife. I absolutlely adore it and look forward to cooking anything just so I can use the knife. I’ve had a few professional chefs in my house who have tried it out and they are green with envy. You must know what’s coming next. I’ve got to have another one, a smaller utility knife, probably 6″ with the same materials as my 8″ Chef’s knife. I see one on your web site that looks perfect. Would you please put me on your list again? I know it’s long, but I’d like to get back in line. – Jo

This knife was like nothing else I’ve ever handled—unbelievably well balanced, with an extra-fat boxwood elder grip that just feels deliciously … right. I’ve never wielded a lightsaber, but I imagine the experience is somewhat similar. Every time I picked it up, I chuckled with delight. The vegetables effectively diced themselves. The knife slid through raw meat without compressing—or even seeming to touch—the flesh. Slicing a hard French saucisson for my guests, the blade wedged itself into my wood-cutting board. And as I was drying it after use (the steel is carbon, not stainless, so it starts to oxidize within minutes of exposure to moisture), it severed a dish towel. – Jonathan Tepperman, Newsweek, Culture September 1, 2009

I am jotting down my thoughts as I use Bob’s knives and will forward them to you in the near future. These knives are so sharp, they almost approach spiritual in nature. It really drives home the point that the closer you come to perfection, even the use of most basic of tools will become an awe inspiring experience.

Thanks again, – RD

I received your beautifully crafted knives Friday. And as difficult as it was to not put them in a display case just to be admired, I have started using them for cooking chores. Oh what a pleasure they are to use! When I first sliced vegetables I thought I wasn’t cutting all the way through because the vegetables looked as if they weren’t cut at all. The knives are so sharp, they cut so cleanly, that when the blade is removed from one cut to go onto the next cut the surface moisture bonds the previously cut surfaces together giving the appearance that they weren’t cut at all! I look forward to the enjoyment of using these beautifully crafted tools for many years! – Thank you Bob. – R

I can’t thank you enough for your quick turn-a-round on correcting my knife order. I told my 12 year old daughter that one of these days, if I can ever part with them, I would pass them to her, and she would have the privilege of passing them on to her children. I just can’t quite come up with the proper words to describe it. I know it’s just a knife, but it’s not just a knife to me. A handcrafted beauty, made right here in America. Amazing. Thank you. – RJ

I apologize for being so slow to send you this note. The knife arrived and is spectacular. Despite what I thought were unrealistically high expectations, I was shocked at how much better your knife feels in my hand than the 10″ Wusthoff that I have been using. The balance is incredible (and of course it is pretty sharp, too!). It was well worth the wait, and I appreciate what you did to get it to me. – All the best, – B

I write as a woman indebted to your skills as a master bladesmith and matchmaker. My former boyfriend, and now FIANCÉ Steve had the good sense to forgo a ring and purchase me the best kitchen tool a girl could ever hope for, and you had the kind heart and the skills to make that happen. He is a smart kid, and you are a wonderful man for make such amazing knives and putting in extra hours to make me my own little treasure. My knife not only slices carrots like they are butter, but it is also drop dead gorgeous. The words “unparalleled craftsmanship” come to mind. I am especially fond of the piece of wood you chose for the handle, especially because I feel like you chose it just for me. Steve may have told you that he proposed at my aunt and uncle’s property. My aunt and uncle are both artists, and I could hardly sleep the night we got engaged, due in large part to the anticipation of showing them the art that you produce. Unsurprisingly, they were favorably impressed. Several people have encouraged us not to use the knife until we cut our wedding cake. The idea is quaint, I suppose, but I simply could not tolerate shelving a knife meant for endless kitchen use for a full year. Thus, the knife has been hard at work. I still get weak in the knees every time I cut an onion. I get the giggles when I glide through a tomato. I had no idea it could be this way! I am a girl in a constant swoon whenever I’m in the kitchen, and it’s because of your knife! Utility and aesthetics aside, I would be remiss if I did not tell you that I am really touched by your willingness to go above and beyond to make me something that is really special to me, even though you simply did not have the time. Rings and jewelry really don’t do much for me, but I look forward to the day when I can tell my grandkids the story behind my sixty year old knife, and have them secretly wonder when the heck I’m going to kick the bucket so that coveted piece of cutlery can finally be theirs. I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you, although that hardly seems sufficient. I now have the best guy and the best knife in the world, and I owe it to you. I am ever grateful, and look forward to meeting you at the wedding. – Emma, bride to be and proud owner of a real deal Kramer knife.

I wanted to drop you a little note to tell you about my fantastic experience I have had using your knives. I received an 8″ chef blade for my 30th birthday in 2000 and have to this day made it my only piece of cutlery in the kitchen; I cook routinely so the knife gets plenty of use. I use a steel on the edge about twice a week and have only had it sharpened by you once about 4 years ago. I will say due the sharpness I have had a couple miss-haps to my fingers, with one resulting in an ER visit. I rave to all my family and friends about Kramer knives and actually make them cut with it when they come over for dinner. Its hard to think that a knife could be too sharp, but I have had people say that it scares them and they are afraid to use it, CRAZY! Thanks for the quality knife!! – D

I received your piece of artistry, and want to thank you for the expedient shipping and excellent craftsmanship. Rarely does the quality meet the value like it does with this purchase, and although this is the most I have ever spent on a knife, I feel like I completely got my moneys worth. – Thanks again, – JP

Our Kramer knives arrived in fine condition and are absolutely stunning. The evaluations we have seen do not overstate these handsome tools. Many thanks. – RM

I love the 10″ chefs knife and Veggie you sent me last year. It took me a long time before I decided to use them… but I finally broke down and have been using them now for several months. I have many custom kitchen knives made by some of the best makers around but nothing comes close to the balance, beauty and performance of your knives. For one knife to have the best of ALL three attributes is highly unusual… but you knew that didn’t you? Your knives are truly exceptional, no BS, The Damascus Veggie cleaver is however in my knife case. – DE

Just a note to express my joy in owning/using my custom Damascus 9″ chef’s knife. The construction is superb… beautiful, super sharp, perfect balance. As a surgeon, I’m very sensitive to fine cutting instruments. My custom knife from you is far and away the finest of any I own. Superior balance, amazing sharpness and cutting ability, magnificent craftsmanship, beautiful design and materials. Let’s not mince words, this knife ROCKS. I’m looking forward to purchasing a second knife from you soon. Thanks for your good work, – PK, MD

I think it was four or five years ago that your 8″ chef’s knife was given to me as a gift. This was just after the Saveur article so there was quite a wait. At any rate, I have been using your knife everyday in a production environment, and it has been FLAWLESS!! The edge never goes away ( with proper steeling and only occasional sharpening) and it still feels like a dream in my hands, everyday :). Thx again for all your hard work and passion. – Sincerely, – RH

The cooks are all passing around the knife – mesmerized. It’s so beautiful and it feels sooo good in my hand, not only the way the handle fits, but the perfect balance and the exquisite degree of polish. Left handed too! It will be prominent in the photos. I have a feeling I will not want to give it up – if I can purchase it. Thanks! – Jerry

I’ve used your knives for almost six years now, and I own six of them, and, honestly, they have changed the way I approach cooking. Mundane tasks, like cutting shallots without juicing them, or mirepoix… are all raised way past mundane, I find pleasure in using the tools and creating a perfectly cut 1/16th inch shallot….or,even shaving a white truffle better that any mandoline, just with the heel of my 9″ chef’s knife. Some folks call it art, but I see pure craftsmanship in your work, and pure craftsmanship is honest. – EB

It’s rare these days that a service exceeds expectations. You’re sharpening service certainly exceeded my expectations. The knives are completely different in feel and much more beautiful. – J

Just wanted to let you know I love the knife! It is perfectly balanced, is the sharpest knife or equal to the sharpest knives I’ve ever used, not to mention it is absolutely gorgeous. Moreover, it holds its edge better than any knife I’ve used. I have used it everyday since receiving it, and have only to hone it. Well worth the wait and the money. – Chef AN

Thanks for the great knives. I have been using them. I love them! I even love simply holding them. They even feel right . Using your knives reminds me of a quote: “A mind that has been stretched can never go back to it’s original shape.” Well I can no longer go back to my other knives. – Cheers, – B

I just received the 5″ Damascus utility knife today. All I can say is what a beautiful piece of workmanship, well worth the wait. I will spread the word, and I will be ordering more in the future. – Thanks, – RD

I just received 12 knives back from you and I cannot believe how incredibly sharp and beautiful you have made these blades. What an amazing job. I never thought I’d be calling someone about a sharpening job- fantastic. – J

Still completely in awe of the two knives I purchased from you, the 10″ chef and the 10″ slicer. They maintain an edge like no other, rarely rust or discolor, and are the only knife I know that can pass the ultimate test, cutting large rutabagas in a straight line. People who haven’t seen them can rarely walk past my cutting board without picking them up, and I always send them your way, even though I know how hard it is for cooks to afford them ( I am saving for one more). Must admit, they’ve knocked my Masamoto’s to a distant second. Will be getting lots of use out of them this coming week at the James Beard House, where I am helping my Chef Terence Feury cook. – K

Your knife is awesome. Well worth the wait. I was so worried that it wouldn’t be that much better than my Wusthof! WRONG!! Compared to your knife, the Wusthof is like a plastic picnic knife. I’m finding new heights of chopping. Mincing through garlic like nobody’s business, chiffonading herbs like they were nothing. Thank you so much. It was worth the wait. You’re as much an artist as me. – RP

The knives you sharpened for me were delivered last night and I wanted to thank you for the fantastic job! I tried them out and they felt like totally different ( vastly improved) set of knives. I would like to say a special Thank you for the repair work on the serrated bread knife, I thought that knife had been ruined, but seeing it again last night, my girlfriend and I kept rolling it around in the light, marveling at the precision with which you repaired each serration. – NS

Best quality knives on the planet! The wait was well worth it. The Kramer Chef’s knife holds it’s edge and does not let it go. – RB, Exec. Sous Chef Aqua Bellagio

The knives came last night. They are truly beautiful. This set of knives exemplifies the concept of functional art. I am proud to be able to use and display your craftsmanship. – Thank you, – M

I received the knife and I am very impressed with it. I have been using it at work and it is the sharpest and best looking knife I’ve ever seen. Thank you very much! – C., The Inn At Little Washington

We received the 8″ knife – it is great!! A special thank you for your promptness we love to entertain ( I am 78- my sister is 80) I will have my 3rd knee surgery in Jan.-My sister has cardiac problems. We will have a great carving ceremony at Christmas thanks to your promptness. The knife is everything you promised.

Yesterday I received the 8″ cooks knife you made for me. Had I known what was in store for me I would not waited so patiently. This knife is not only a work of art but it is in a different world as far as balance, comfort and sharpness. I think the rest of my knives are going to live out their lives in loneliness. Anyway I’m very pleased.

The knife arrived today as you said it would. It is even more beautiful than I expected. As it is 7:30 pm, I will not be cooking tonight, but I have two planned food events this weekend. Thanks again, you do beautiful work.

My sister gave me one of your knives as a very special 50th birthday present and WOW do I love it. There are few items one can buy anymore which reflect the pride, craftsmanship, and devotion to the profession of the person who made it. Your knife is fabulous.

I have dual congratulations, first to me for having the wisdom to order my knives from you and secondly to you for having exceeded my most optimistic expectations for the knives I ordered. My wife Meredith got to cut the first onion and you would have enjoyed her squeal of delight as the knife cut a perfect slice with virtually no pressure.

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