Aspen Food & Wine 2012

The Aspen Food & Wine Festival was full of laughter, great food and fantastic people. Bob had lots of fun mingling and tattooing the crowd with Kramer gear.
Aspen Gail and Bob Kramer


This year Sur La Table arranged for Bob to teach a hands-on knife skills class with 100 students:

And, Bob was honored to act as a judge in the Grand Cochon Cooking Competition:

Grand Cochon 2012

Since 2009, COCHON 555 has been traveling the nation in celebration of heritage breed animals; they stopped in ten cities and selected five local chefs to participate in a “snout-to-tail” competition. Then, one winner from each city competes on the national level in Grand Cochon at the Aspen Food & Wine Festival. Bob and the other judges were looking for flavor, presentation, and utilization.

Each dish in the competition was delicious, especially the winner, Jason Vincent, whose plate was a fantastic execution of culinary aesthetic.

“Price of Proc” Jason Vincent made Sunday Brunch. The menu:

bacon butterscotch donut
soft-scrambled eggs, hollandoink
Bloody Mary, on the bone
Galicion Cocido
Crisp liver, eight-year cheddar, Michigan cardoon giardiniere

Here are the participants. Jason Vincent (winner) is in front wearing a crown:

– Kramer Team

“It is your duty in life to save your dream.”
– Amedeo Modigliani