Trip to Zwilling in Japan

This month Bob (accompanied by a Sur La Table crew) travelled to Japan to check production for the new Stainless Steel Damascus Line by Zwilling.

At the Zwilling manufacturing plant in Seki City, each of these blades are finished by hand. In the two photos below, you can see where your knives are made. These are Japanese bladesmiths shaping and grinding blades:



Here are a few photos of a traditional Japanese sword-making demonstration at the sword museum in Seki City. Pretty cool!



Of course, we had some amazing food. This is a delicious Japanese salad and Miagi Beef


Bento Box Lunch

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (the world’s best sushi) with Sur La Table crew



And for our last stop, I was taken to an exclusive sharpening stone shop that must not have changed in 60+ years. In the photo below, you’ll see the Stone Shop Proprietor, who was very particular about selling the stones to me–making sure that I knew exactly how to use them. And of course, the stones were very expensive: the cost of a small used car!


– Kramer Team

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