Printed December 2011


Blade of Glory

Want a kitchen cutter designed by legendary blade-maker Bob Kramer? Get in line and sell your car–we’re talking a multiyear waiting list and a tag that can top 20 grand. Well, until now: The Bob Kramer by Zwilling Chef’s Knife is his first blade for the coach crowd. Thankfully, it still makes cuts like a TV edit of Pulp Fiction–and it’s forged from straight carbon steel, so it’ll stay sharp longer than a stainless shank. $300,


What’s the simplest way to keep my chef’s knife from getting real dull real quick? When you push away a pile of chopped veggies, flip the knife over and move them with the dull end. “If you drag your blade across the board, you’ll dull it,” says George Mendes of New York City’s Aldea restaurant.