Transformation 10.5" Chef's Knife

Transformation 10.5" Chef's Knife


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“Transformation” is the latest in the narrative series from the team at Kramer Knives. The inspirational theme of transforming is one we often discuss here at the shop and it’s a goal of ours to try to imbue that power into our work and hopefully will get passed to the observer or user as well. The base material is steel Bob made from scratch here in the shop which is 1200 layers of ultra-clean steel not unlike tamahagne of Japanese swords. The feather is made from low-layer Damascus and the birds are made from high nickel shop-made steel. The spectacular stainless steel handle is masterfully engraved by Tom Ferry and covered with a feather motif with inspirational quotes that we each picked out. 

Transformation is presented on an ebony magnetic stand. We are proud to say this level of distortion-free forge welding is an innovation and the result of the collaboration of the team at Kramer Knives.

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