Queen Bee 10" Chef's Knife

Queen Bee 10" Chef's Knife


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Queen Bee is a 10″ chef’s knife with all of the bells and whistles. It has eight 24k gold hand engraved bees, a Damascus blade with puzzle welds of flowers made from 1080 and 15N20 tool steel, and a stainless steel handle all engraved by, you guessed it, Master smith Tom Ferry. It takes a lot to keep the hive in working order, and this knife is our representation of that ideology. The blade depicts worker bees gathering nectar while others tend to the queen and larvae along with building honeycomb.

Fun fact, to make 1 pound of honey, a hive needs to visit 2 million flowers!

Many hours went into the creation of this piece, and we are stoked about the final product. We designed a new ebony stand so the viewer can enjoy a 360 view of the knife.


  • The blade was made from steel similar to a fine Japanese sword. They need to be kept clean and dry or surface corrosion could occur.

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