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  You may have noticed that I was a bit delinquent in sending quarterly newsletters this year and I apologize for that. This year was a year of exploration for me in new techniques and new experiences. I’m happy to say I’m re inspired by what I’ve seen and experienced. I was fortunate to travel to Hamburg and Dusseldorf to help introduce the Kramer by Zwilling line to Germany. As always Zwilling was a great host in showing my wife and I some of the finest sites in both Towns which by the way are beautiful. My Gratitude to Zwilling J.A.Henckels for being first rate partners.

Cutting Boards

We have just received 16 of the 24 x 18 walnut & hinikoi cutting boards. We have them ready to ship now.  Scroll down to see more info.

New Sharpening Stones

Also we have just received shipment of the BEST synthitec sharpening stones made today. Chosera Pro are widely regaurded as the top of the line available today. If you are looking for the best this is it. Scroll down to see more.



Reichstag, Berlin, Germany


Beautiful high tech green designed building.


Medallion Class, Brookgreen Garden SC


I had the pleasure of learning the art of  bas relief sculpting with Eugene Daub. Eugene is the president of the American medallion society as well as being a world class sculptor. This week long class was a great introduction to a very interesting world of building a medallion.


Iron Brush Crew, Wilton NH


Here is the gang from a month long immersion class in Japanese Kinko work. This class was lead by Ford Hallam who is regaurded as one of the best Kinko artisans in the world. Ford recently won top gold prize in Japan for a Tsuba (Japanese sword gaurd) that he entered. This is the first time a westerner has ever received top honnors in this compitition. It was a great pleasure to learn from Ford.  Kinko is the art of inlaying different metals and carving  & coloring them to create small sculpture scenes. Ford makes it look easy but I can assure it is very demanding work. Here are few examples new and old.


A Japanese Master piece


This piece was made by Hagiya Katsuhira around 1885.
Made fron polished copper with very high relief carving inlaid with gold,silver,shakudo and shibuchi.

We had the great pleasure of viewing this up close  in the repository of the Boston Museam of Fine Arts.


One of Fords pieces


 Copper plate, high relief carving  inlaid with Shakudo, red gold and opals. A modern master piece for sure.


Naniwa Abrasives are the best water stones coming out of Japan today. Made in Osaka from the finest quality closely graded abrasives, these stones are simple to use and will provide excellent control for a razor sharp edge.

We now offer three different stone types: "Chosera", which is considered to be the very best syntheitic stone available today. The  "Super Stone" which runs a close second but is slightly less expensive  and the Combination Super Stone.

Click on any of the stones and it will take you directly to the stone page at the Kramer Knives store.









 Super Stones









This may be the last batch we get for awhile

Handmade of gorgeous end-grain wood, artfully assembled in the U.S.A, exclusively for Kramer Knives. With proper care, these boards will last a lifetime. Simply wash, dry and season the board from time to time.

End-grain Hinoki is the Cadillac of cutting surfaces; prized by most sushi chefs for its anti-bacterial properties and perfect hardness. Note: if you have a sensitive nose, you may prefer the maple boards below. Again it may be awhile before we get more in so don't hesiate if your thinking about buying one of these beautiful boards.

Click on any of the boards below and you will be taken to the order page on Kramer knives store.

$400 plus shipping 


Size: 24" x 18" 
1/2" juice groove 



Weight: 17 lbs
No groove on back



1.5" thick



 Thank you for your interest in my work!


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