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Bob Kramer Knives

The Lottery  

This is the current way to order a custom Kramer knife that you design from tip to heel. As Bob has room in his schedule, we select names from our email list to place an order.



Bob Kramer

To join, please subscribe to the Kramer Knives email list: 


It's free. Keep in mind this is not a wait list. You can unsubscribe at any time.
We will send newsletters, updates, and notify you of purchasing opportunities.  



- It's free.
- This is not a wait list, nor do we have one.
- Once you subscribe to our email list, you are in the lottery for life. 
- We currently have a one knife per order policy. 
- Because of the huge demand, we cannot guarantee that everyone on the list will be able to order a knife. 

How it Works

- We select names both chronologically and randomly from our email list regularly.
- The random names are selected using a random number generator.
- If we pull your name, then you get to design your own knife at current pricing (we'll email you).


Since each knife takes a long time to make, our production is very low while the demand is overwhelming. During the past year, we've transformed our ordering method in effort to make a fair process that both honors customers who have been waiting for a long time, while giving newer customers a shot. We now have a Lottery-style ordering process, where we select names from our email list both chronologically and randomly on a regular basis. We appreciate your patience over the years, and your trust in our process.