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Production Knives

I've licensed my designs to be handcrafted in Japan by Zwilling J.A. Henckels. You can order by clicking below.

This excellent Damascus Stainless Steel line combines my designs with Zwilling's production and state of the art technology. These knives were developed for you to enjoy a similar experience as with the carbon line, in stainless steel.

The blade has a core of SG2 with 50 alternating layers of nickel and stainless steel, resulting in an exceptionally strong, 101-layer Chevron Damascus blade. The handle is Linen-Micarta. Click here to purchase.



My designs combined with Zwilling's production and state of the art technology has resulted in an 'old meets new' manufactured line without compare. We are proud to bring carbon knives back to the market—and better than ever. 

These knives were developed so that you can have a similar experience as with my custom knives, at an affordable price, without the wait.  Click here to purchase.




This kit is designed to keep your high quality knives sharp. These are the highest quality stones coming out of Japan today. 

• Sharpening Stones #400 grit, #1000 grit and #5000 grit
• Adjustable Bamboo Whetstone Sink Bridge 
• Cleaning Stone





What customers are saying...

Dear Mr. Kramer & the Rest of Your Team,

For what seems like forever, I have had my nose pressed against the glass of my local retailer's knife case. Last week I got a new contract (I run a small personal chef company) and decided that the time was right for me to get a “forever” knife. I knew I wanted a Kramer, but there was a practical voice in my head insisting that I compare it (again) with a couple of less expensive knives.

Ultimately, the choice was visceral even a little spiritual as I felt a connection to your knife that my words don’t fully explain. I might have had a whisper of reservation about spending money that could, for me, be well applied elsewhere. However, as soon as I made my first dish with the Kramer all doubts were quieted forever.

Thank you for making the knives you make and for the standard of superlative craftsmanship that you set. I can only aspire to create food that is the knife's equal.

Best wishes, 
DB (Founder, CogitoErgo Sauté)