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Welcome! This is the official Bob Kramer Knives Auction site, where we auction the newest custom knives coming out of our shop. If you're interested in participating in Kramer Knives Auctions, here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Get Registered

To participate, you must register to become a member. You only have to register once.  
This is separate from subscribing to our email list or registration to our online store. 

Step 2: Verify Account

Make sure you verify your account to activate it. Learn how.

Step 3: Watch for our Emails

We'll notify you when we're hosting a Kramer Knives Auction.

Bob Kramer Knives

How it Works

- We'll notify you by email of the date, time and duration of each auction. 
- Once the auction is open, you can sign in any time before it closes and place your bid. 
- Our software uses an automatic bidding format that is very similar to eBay. Lean more. 


We donate 10% of the final amount of each auction to a charity we support.


Can anyone auction off their knife on your site?
Nope, sorry, we only auction the newest knives that Bob's making.

Can I order the same knife I see that was auctioned off?
The mosaic patterns are not available for custom orders. On a rare occasion we might auction simple pattern Damascus, which are available by custom order.

What is the starting price for an auction?
We start each auction at $100.00

How long is a knife up for auction?
Typically we host an auction for 24-48 hours (it varies). 

Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Yes, and it's free. Just send us an email and we'll take care of it.

Read our Help & FAQ's page for more information.


We first started offering special projects on eBay in December 2009, which was successful on many levels. We are thankful for the market that eBay was able to provide us. While our experience with eBay was very positive, in an effort to do everything we can to insure your faith in this process and your confidence in our product, we will be hosting our own auctions from now on. Our goal as always is to maximize customer satisfaction.

Every auction knife will come with a certificate of authenticity and warranty. This format will allow us more control over the entire process and hopefully give you peace of mind that you are buying an original directly from our workshop.

If you see a listing on eBay, please be aware that it is not being sold by us.